Vanilla Sky

Well last night I randomly watched Vanilla Sky as it was just lying around on my computer... *cough* desk doing nothing heh... :P
And um... on with the reviewness... Spoileroonies may be present..

Well to start, I wasn't going to watch Vanilla Sky, but the subtitles on my computer were not working so The Seventh Seal was out of the question :/ unless I had suddenly learnt Swedish... Which I don't believe I have...

Anyway so I popped it on, and it was an ok film, it really reinforced the fact that Cameron Diaz could soo play Maria if they ever made a film adaptation of Silent Hill 2, she had this crazy aspect about her in the film, which I believe she could pull off, the weirdo seductive pyschosis of the Mary/Maria subject.
Anyway.. Um the film, yeah.. about half way through watching it I looked it up on imdb, like ya do. Pleasantly surprised to find that it was, yes, ANOTHER REMAKE!!! of a film not made 10+ years ago but 4 YEARS AGO, 4!!

I'm not real sure why I um... got it now, maybe I wanted to point at Tom Cruise and say "Ha! Your almost as short as me!" hehe thats real funny ^^

Anyway, I'm not too sure how to write a 'review' on this, pretty much because I haven't seen Abre los Ojos the film that it remade... is that a word :/ Anyway so I'll try my best...
Tom Cruise's acting can sometimes be a little over the top, either that or the roles I've seen him in he always plays an over the top character :P which now that I think about it, that sounds about right :P But then I guess he tries to play over the top characters so you forget about his height ^^.

I remember a few points in the film that made me laugh, there was a few random bits put in too, those were funny ^^ and I thought the bit at the start was ok, until David (Cruise) got out of the car and began running, that spoiled it for me, don't ask me why, I'm weird like that.

I thought it was... not cute, but not funny, can't think of the word. When Kurt Russel's character Dr McCabe realised that he wasn't real :P

So the story was a little weird, but very easy to understand. I suppose its like Donnie Darko in a way, because I'm sure some people would believe it is a masterpiece at confusion :/ not really. It's dealing with the sub-conscious and confusing the protagonist David into believing that some certain memories actually happened. It's not rocket-science figuring the story out, they may have dumbed it down for a Hollywood remake though, but I wouldn't know as I said before, I need to watch the original to give a constructive criticism.

Anyway, nice story, I woulda liked to see what their interpretation of the future is, but they left it open-ended like in Notorious, which gave it a nice touch...
... So what else did I like? I liked the car-crash, I may sound a little morbid but I love to see car-crashes in films/television programmes, I'm not like "Oh yeah!! Smash up a car woo!!" but more of I like sudden car-crashes, when they're more of "Whoa didn't see that coming", although I probably do see it coming :P I mean the crash in Vanilla Sky was inevitable, it was going to happen, but a crash of such stature... is that the correct word? It's not like in an action film where the protagonist then jumps out the car and goes on to fight evil. After the crash it was silent, I could see a person running to the scene in the background, not a crowd of people. I do not know if any of that paragraph made sense, but I think its best I start another one.

Well as for the 'twist' at the end, I wouldn't really call it a twist, because I kinda saw it coming, not the fact that he was dead, I didn't see that, but the fact that is was all sort of a dream :P hehe just like my story ^^. As for the other actors I don't like Timothy Spall because he's too English for my liking :P kinda poor excuse, although he was okish in that film about vampires which something to do with crocodiles in the title :/ um... thar ye go The Wisdom of Crocodiles strangely enough I really remember seeing that on TV :P I think I'd just finished watching another film, perhaps that was The Talented Mr Ripley, and then I was going to watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers which was on at the same time but I ended up watching The Wisdom of Crocodiles wow, this part sure has gone off topic ^^, I though the tech support guy was a little creepy, always gotta have a creepy guy in a film, but he was more of the guy that always sits in the corner, and the protagonist is always wary of him, wondering who he is, and why he is there. Can't say much for Penelope Cruz, first time I think I've seen her in a film :P or at least I believe it is. Therefore I have no opinion on her, or her character, thought the arms dealer bit was a nice touch though :)

Pretty good overall film, not excellent, not poor, so I give it a;

Cptalbertwesker Rating - 6/10

So I think thats all I can write, I've been up since 5:40 and now it's 7:14 I should be ready for school but I'm too devoted to my avid fans out there :P so I hope all you nobody, enjoys my ranting opinions.


At 5:33 pm, Anonymous Catherine said...

I'm no nobody :@

At 5:40 pm, Blogger Cptalbertwesker said...

Your just jealous!!

At 2:32 am, Blogger Iván Payá said...

You should see the original "Abre los ojos"!! And make those subts work for the 7th Seal!! An amazing film...

Keep up the good work.

Besos from Zaragoza, Spain.



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