The Island

It is extremely hard to explain the Island without giving away spoilers. So if you don’t want to know the twist, or you haven’t worked out what it is, please read on.

For a film that’s two and a half hours long I do not have much to say… either I was really tired when I watched it, or perhaps it didn’t take to it, whichever it was, I don’t remember much of the film.

Directed by Michael Bay- of which also directed Armageddon and The Rock –and starring Ewan McGregor (Lincoln), Scarlett Johansson (Jordon), Djimon Hounsou (Albert Laurent), Sean Bean (Merrick) and Steve Buscemi (McCord).

The film starts by showing Lincoln Six Echo’s dreams, much like Final Fantasy Spirits Within, and we can tell that there is something up with them. We are then presented with the large facility, where the survivors of the pollution that plagued the earth; killing almost everyone. Thousands of people live and work in this facility rather similar to THX1138. Close contact is forbidden, and the women are kept separate from the men. One of the best parts of the story in my opinion, is that every person in the facility has the mind of a small child. Through explaining the story I will have to give the twist away… so do not look it you do not want the film spoilt. Lincoln Six Echo and Jordon Two Delta escape the facility when they find that their facility is just a sham, and that it is just a ‘breeding ground’ for clones that are grown to aid their real life counterparts through organ harvesting.
Aided by McCord the two escape the grasp of Laurent who is sworn by Merrick (The owner of the facility) to retrieve them. Eventually they find the ‘real’ Lincoln -but the idea of the film is the amount of desperation that humans have to survive longer this is enforced as he tries to give Lincoln Six Echo back to Merrick. But during the capture the real Tom Lincoln is shot (I feel it would have succeeded a lot better if the clone was shot) He masquerades as the real Lincoln as he and Jordon venture back to the facility to aid all the others in a large scale escape. Everyone lives happily ever after.

I must say that I had figured the ‘twist’ from the word go, on a completely different note I must mention the obvious advertising by Microsoft. But then there was a LOT of product placement in The Island.

A few comments on the actors; Ewan McGregor gave an average performance, although the weird twinkle and his smile gave a re-enforcement for his role, he seemed to act pretty much like a child in the film, and I felt that he pulled it off rather well. I am not so sure if I can say the same for Scarlett Johansson, but then she wasn’t the main focus of the film, so I was unable to tell.
Sean Bean seemed a little out of place for me, I’m also starting to get the idea that he only really acts the same part in all of his films; regardless if he is good or bad character. Although I digress that I have not seen him in many films. Steve Buscemi played his usual strange character, who although played a ‘good guy’ still managed to come off quite seedy. Michael Clark Duncan’s scene rushing through the hospital was pretty memorable, as well as a few of the others at the facility, making the film all the more enjoyable.

Onto the screenplay, I think that the plot of the film was rather good. It’s a reality that apparently scientists have questioned as an alternative to extend our lives; I’ve got to say because of this, it’s the most realistic science fiction I have seen for a while, the only unrealistic parts fall into the category of completely unbelievable action. Otherwise it’s your average science fiction story, not much complicated dialogue or remarkable lines, but some funniness does ensue seeing as the main characters have the brains of adolescents.

I don’t really have much to say about the film. I expected to see a crappy science fiction film full of action; I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as crappy as I initially would have guessed.

As for bad points- The end was incredibly disappointing for me, it reminded me of that of THX1138, where it just ends with them out in the open desert, hoping to get a future, I was hoping for something not so cheesy.

Overall it was a pretty good science fiction film, perhaps if it had contained less action then it would have made a better science fiction film, but nonetheless I enjoyed the plot and the solid cast.

Cptalbertwesker Rating – 7/10
The fact that I do not remember much of the film is not very good. But The Island was a refreshing science fiction film comparable to THX1138.


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