Red Eye

Ahhh!! I have been inundated with reviews that I must do!!! So I apologise if any are short, I lost my notes.

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!  
If need be, I will gladly gouge your eyes for you!

Redeye was a very spur of the moment film to watch. Nothing too spectacular was showing the same week, so it came down to a new thriller from a former master of horror; Wes Craven.

So, directed by Wes Craven- of whose films have been slowly deteriorating- Starring Rachel McAdams (Lisa Reisert), Cilian Murphy (Jack Rippner), Brian Cox (Joe Reisert), Jayma Mays (Cynthia) and not forgetting Angela Paton (Nice Lady).

The film began with a good start, with some nice scenes between Jack and Lisa, wherein they go onto the verge of intimidatingly (made up me own word) stalkerish (two in one review). The film really picks up when the two board the airplane, this contained some of the best parts of the film; heroine devises a plan, and it goes wrong. As much as this is repeated it never stops being more than a little funny when the heroines’ plans go awry.

One particular comment that can most definitely be said is that the film is so obviously Wes Craven; the unstoppable antagonists, clumsy heroes and loads of tense action and millions of false shocks when needed. Which as always, is the most exciting part of Craven’s films, trying to pick out when a shock will be false or not?

In comment to the actors, Rachel McAdams didn’t do anything for me. She was the usual horror heroine, and faintly reminded me of Jennifer Gardner (the lips), but no, I didn’t think she was anything special. Murphy on the other hand was a great antagonist; but then as he showed in Batman, he is good at this role. But it wasn’t just the main leads that gave some good performances; I loved the touch of Cynthia and her panicky antics alongside that of Angela Paton’s Nice Lady; because the nice ladies are always so funny for me, completely oblivious to everything, and so nice!

The screenplay was to be expected from a slasher/thriller from Wes Craven, predictable lines and the usual intimidating words, nothing too special here.

I don’t really have much to say about the film. It was better than I thought it would be…  I suppose when you go to see a Wes Craven film, you should at least expect to be entertained, and that I indeed was.

As for bad points- I could say that the film did sort of fall after she escaped Jack on the plane. It turned into that part in Scream where he is chasing her up the stairs. This part of the film was definitely not as entertaining as it began. The antagonist died too quickly and too easily; when the heroine should have died, because she was so obviously asking for it!

Overall it was a film you’d perhaps go see to be entertained, not particularly life changing, or profoundly deep, its just some harmless fun-filled entertainment. A nice thriller with some teen slasher elements, with some nice performances by some of the cast.

Cptalbertwesker Rating - 7/10
Was a great experience watching at the cinema, screaming girls is always a joy.