Broken Flowers

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!
If need be I will bore your eyes out for you  

Broken Flowers, a film that I jumped at the chance to see; being very surprised that they would show such a film at our cinema. This was obvious as there was one person present at the screening besides us. But it was a fun film, but then it had to be starring Bill Murray.

So, directed by Jim Jarmusch- of whose films I have never seen, although I own Ghost Dog…- Starring Bill Murray (Don Johnston), Jeffrey Wright (Winston), Mark Webber (The Kid), and a host of women, that I will not name, because there were quite a few.

I thought that the film began rather well it had a nice pace about it, most probably symbolic with Murray’s age in the film; who has seemed to of picked up a sort of deadpan demeanour, something that I always love in comedies.
Murray’s character Don Johnston seems to care about little in life. Until one day a letter is delivered, that brings with it a seemingly life-changing event that he seems to care little about. The journey of the story is created by Don’s neighbour Winston (Wright) who sends Don off to find the woman that had given birth to a son that he never knew about. The film ends sort of at an open path. The event has nonetheless changed Don and his outlook, but it did not manage to bring the story to a close, which much like A History of Violence; people will not like the end.
I thought it was funny though…

In comment to the actors... it couldn’t get any better, the film features many actresses that I have not seen in films for years; Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Julie Delpy, Tilda Swinton, and Jessica Lange. But of course through all these women Bill Murray was the highpoint of the entire film, with most comedic actors going stale by Murray’s age I still think that he’s fantastic –everyone can be forgiven for some bad choices of course… Garfield??

The screenplay was excellent, very cleverly written screenplay with much humour and story within. Good good, and the story was pretty good also, though you sorta guessed where it was going...

I loved the uncomfortable silences throughout the film… the humour was great, loved the part with Lolita –that was hilarious. It was all-round the sort of comedy I wish was shown more at the cinema, not the horrible teen comedy that is dominant currently.

As for bad points- I did not like how the film focused on the pink letter at the beginning of the film, it felt like something Mr Morris would say you should do to show its importance.

Overall it was a great film! Possibly not for everyone, but it was excellent, the film looked as though he didn’t even use a set designer etc, looked all very normal… I suppose, but yeah great.

Cptalbertwesker Rating – 7/10

Not exactly the film that I expected, with no clear ending, but very enjoyable nonetheless.


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