A History of Violence

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!
If need be I will shoot your eyes for you!

A History of Violence, Mr Cronenberg’s newest film, renowned for many violent and graphical films, it would seem that A History of Violence was made more for the masses in some aspects. But that didn’t particularly mean that it appealed to them.

The film was actually particularly hard to get into seeing as the people who served us would not believe that we were eighteen, and we without ID, had to find someone that looked older to buy them for us.

So, directed by David Cronenberg- of which I have only seen Spider (which I thought was good)- Starring Viggo Mortensen (Tom Stall), Mario Bello (Eddie Stall), Ed Harris (Carl Fogarty), William Hurt (Richie Cusack) and Ashton Holmes (Jack Stall).

The film follows Tom Stall (Mortensen) the owner of a small diner, in a peaceful little town, with his loving family. Late one night two crooks harass the diner, and the quaint storeowner turns the tables, killing both men, not soon after he is hailed as a local hero. Tom, none too pleased of the attention, blows off the incident. But not son after a small group of mysterious men (led by Harris) visit the area and start harassing him. With the introduction of the mysterious characters Tom has to upset his once peaceful world again to confront his past, and protect his family.

In comment to the actors... I very much liked William Hurt’s character, funny and menacing, and the same goes for Ed Harris. As for Viggo Mortensen, I am not sure, truth be told, I’ve never really paid attention to him, so his acting just seemed on par with everyone else.

The screenplay was … it was good at times, but some lines were awful, all was very bearable for the film. I am rarely impressed by screenplays these days. But the story was ok, it was just delivered a little strangely.

I particularly liked the first shot, lasting well over five minutes it was a superb beginning, although a little easy to predict; either way it was good I liked that part. For my introduction to Mr Cronenberg’s film it wasn’t bad in my opinion, there was some pretty snazzy violence, and some nice comical touches.

As for bad points- I do agree with some that the end just came about, a little open..

Overall it is not the film for everyone, some may not like the films slow premise and be wary of its conclusion

Cptalbertwesker Rating – 6 1/2/10
‘twas an ok film, and everyone seemed as clueless as each other about the ending…


At 9:34 am, Anonymous the Tonster said...

Wasn't TOO thrilled about it here either. Just when you thought Viggo was gunna "kick the bucket", he turned around and killed like 1,000 people :o


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