Land of the Dead

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!
I will be fitting, and if need be I will consume your eyes for you

Land of the Dead, Romero’s fourth in the Dead series, I and Catherine had already planned to see the film after witnessing the pretty awesome looking trailer that we partook in, before seeing Red Eye.

So, directed by George Romero- of whose films I must say I have never actually seen- Starring Simon Baker (Riley), John Leguizamo (Cholo), Dennis Hopper (Kaufman), Asia Argento (Slack) Robert Joy (Charlie) and not forgetting Eugene Clark (Big Daddy).

I thought that the film began rather well, summing up the taking over of the dead, with some nice twitchiness on the credits, as well as some eating.
The film was, I must say I little different that I had expected, with the evolving intelligence I was not surprised (dumb zombies would not attract so well, which is why they are always upping the AI in Resident Evil), but it just seemed a little so-so.
It follows almost three stories; the good guys (Riley, Slack and Charlie), the bad guys (Kaufman) and the confused (Big Daddy and his posse). This I thought was rather strange of a zombie film; to creative zombies that were emotive.
To sell it short, the good guys escape, the bad guys die, and the confused lot are left to their own.

In comment to the actors... they were not too good at acting, I do not think I can actually comment… the zombies did pretty good zombies, but the actual characters were really nothing special, sort of what I expected in a way. Apart from the fact that they placed a daft character, that everyone has to feel some pang of pity for.

The screenplay was to be expected from a zombie flick. Some bad lines, and nothing special, but you go to be shocked by the effects, and makeup, I couldn’t care less of the screenplay in these terms.

In absolutely loving zombie video games but never watching a film based around the creatures, I must say I was thoroughly impressed, the devouring of people looked fantastic, the zombie’s makeup was also out of this world, they all looked so pathetic and endearing; the way zombies are meant to be.
Mwhahaha you jumped Catherine!! There are many jumpy points in the film, more often than none, they are false shocks, but they aren’t bad, fans of jumpy films, watch Land of the Dead!!

As for bad points- I cannot think of any besides the not so spectacular acting and the not so brilliant screenplay. I liked it for the pretty gore.

Overall it was a great film if you want to go to be entertained, it did seem to drag on a bit; possible because I needed the toilet… but if you want to be entertained I recommend it.. so the acting isn’t too great and everything is a little cliché, but in the spirit of things who cares!!

Cptalbertwesker Rating - 7/10
Was a great experience watching at the cinema, first real zombie film I’ve seen (28 Days Later does not count). Also rather fun when a couple of people behind us said ‘awww’ when Big Daddy lovingly picked up the gas pump.


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