Final Destination 3

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!  
If you have not, then I will have to kill you in a very clever and inconceivable manner!

After enjoying the original Final Destination, and its chain of events that cause death to each character I felt that as it was the only decent film showing I should go and see it.

I was pleased to see that James Wong (X-files writer, and writer/director of the original Final Destination) had returned to direct the third film in the likely ongoing series.
Some anecdotes of my first viewing of a film during the school half terms: oh my god! For one the screen was almost packed, I had to sit next to some guy who felt the need to omit the word “Savage” every time he witnessed someone die, though this was  no where near as bad as the group of four girls sitting at the back of the cinema, shouting as though it were funny during the adverts, only to be told by almost everyone in the screen to shush.

Directed by James Wong –Of the X-files :D – and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Wendy), Ryan Merriman (Kevin), Kris Lemche (Ian), Alexz Johnson (Erin), Sam Easton (Frankie), Jesse Moss (Jason), Gina Holden (Carrie), Texas Battle (Lewis), Chelan Simmons (Ashley), and Crystal Lowe (Ashlynn)

The film follows a group of teenagers in a graduation class that visit a fair as a sort of last trip. A large group of them pile onto a rollercoaster, but Wendy (Winstead) is not so sure of the whole idea, finally giving in, she joins her friends as they slowly begin the motions that would lead to their death.
Much like the other films in the series, the film begins with a premonition and leads to a select few escaping death. While the rest of the film tracks the deaths of each individual, not as inventive as the two previous films, but all as entertaining.

The actors and feel of the movie made it clearly known that this was a film for teenagers, going back to its roots, Final Destination 3 follows high school students rather than normal aged people.
I would say that it is a film that would attract people my age, rather than that of an older crowd… though I say this and I saw two older couples (late 30-40) at my particular screening.

The actors were nowhere near exceptional; after all for such a movie was I to expect any better? The acting was sub par, and nobody really stood out, sorry actor people … Though I can say that Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe were good at playing stupid bimbo type ditzy ladies.

In comment to the screenplay it was much better than that of the second movie; with only slightly referring back to the original films making Final Destination 3 a lot easier to tolerate than its direct predecessor. The same can also be said in regards to the films dialogue and characters, I was pleasantly surprised that the characters were fairly innocent throughout, and the screenplay kept me guessing.

The soundtrack was like any other teen movie, though I felt the continual use of “Turn Around, Look at me” was rather funny, and I believe that my sister would agree.

One definite plus to the film was it was nothing like Final Destination 2; which as you may have guessed, I appalled. Even though the film could have been, it was not a revisit to the original films, they were mentioned in accordance and that was all...
I suppose another point that I love of the film is that it is a sequel (which usually suck and I wouldn’t see) but there was no doubt that I wouldn’t enjoy the film (thankfully this was the case).

Unlike the original film and the sequel I found that the causation of the deaths were rather bland, and easy to predict (with perhaps the exception of Frankie… you knew the car was gonna crash, didn’t see that fan coming :P), for this I did not enjoy the film so much, but it was pretty well done all the same.
There is something that I cannot quite put my finger on in terms of the film, perhaps I did not enjoy how it was all put together, especially with most of the characters being fairly obnoxious, and extremely materialistic. For instance everyone owns a Mac, no PCs, only Macs, second… ‘oh I forgot my iPod!’ dear god!! But nowhere near as bad as ‘man when I die, will you bring me something like a PSP to play on?’ Um… HELLO!?? Advertising people!!… for this I probably could not stand the film, I hate… no, I detest blatant advertising like ‘oh look at my fantastic …..’, its almost like in the Truman show when Meryl advertises household objects because they are actually on TV advertising.

Overall it was a good film, tons better than the second, but not as good as the original. Not intended for the squeamish; trust me the film is full of blood, decapitation etc. I would recommend it to fans of the horror/teen movie genre, no real difference in the film to that of its predecessors.

Cptalbertwesker Rating – 6/10
An ok film, but would have perhaps been more enjoyable if the cinema was devoid of annoying people


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