Fun with Dick and Jane

If you have not yet seen the film, there may be some spoilers in here for you!
If you haven’t seen it then I will…. Steal your eyes or something

Fun with Dick and Jane was, I suppose a spur of the moment choice, it was that or Jarhead/Brokeback Mountain (the other two choices ending too late) so yeah, we picked the less thought out comedy *yay* But um, anyway it was alright.

We were placed in the same screen as Cinderella Man (i.e. mahusive), and once again only a few people were watching the film. What a coincidence.

Directed by Dean Parisot –who has never directed anything that I can say that I have watched, other than episodes of television shows- Starring Jim Carrey (Dick Harper), Tea Leoni (Jane Harper), Alec Baldwin (Jack McCallister) and Richard Jenkins (Frank Boscombe).

When a family go bankrupt due to a large case of fraud in Dicks company; eventually leading to the decimation of the corporation, Dick and Jane (Carrey and Leoni) resort to stealing/bank robbing in order to regain the life that they once had. This of course results in many humorous scenarios, and ultimately allows Dick to get all the pension money lost of the employees from Jack McCallister who staged the whole fraud thing.

It was generally a family film, granted not my usual cup of tea. But it was made for all ages, appealing to old and young audiences due to Carrey’s physical humour, and the references to the collapses of these major corporations such as Enron and Worldcom.

In comment to the actors I have little to say, Tea Leoni was a nominal female support, like any in a film such as Fun with Dick and Jane. Jim Carrey of course was the half decent reason of the film, alongside Richard Jenkins (if you ask me) who I found rather strange. Alec Baldwin was just playing pretty much the same role I’ve seen him in recently.

Being a remake, and a family film it was easy to predict what would happen in the film, the spontaneous way that goals were achieved, or attempted on the other hand I felt were rather unpredictable. Otherwise it felt like a regular Sunday afternoon family film, nothing spectacular.

The film was probably not something that I would jump at the chance to see; sure it’s got Jim Carrey in it, and I am in the group that find him funny.. but otherwise the film doesn’t really have anything going for it, ‘cept a few laughs. The physical comedy involved when Dick is trying to take his gun out of his hoodie was rather funny.

The film seemed too… I don’t know, perhaps it was the screenplay or something, but I would rate it low against other family orientated Carrey films like Liar Liar or the Mask.

It’s a family film, although the younger audiences will not understand the businessy aspects of the film, they will probably find a lot of it funny..

Cptalbertwesker Rating – 5/10
A pretty low rating, but not a preferred genre of mine, only highlights of the film were some funny parts and Jim Carrey’s physical humour.


At 1:49 am, Anonymous Catherine said...

Cute review, altho when i look at the page the e in Jane is a w :s, but yeah you didn't meantion how Jim Carrey looked old :p


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